Top Reasons You Need a Buyer’s Agent On Your Side


Today’s world is filled with self-service websites, apps, and tools. The real estate world is no different. With the click of a button, home buyers can easily find home information, open house dates, and even contact an agent directly from a website to get more details or schedule a tour of the home. This begs the question, “if it’s so easy to shop for a home on your own, why would anyone really need a Buyer’s Agent to help with a home purchase?” 

In our current real estate market, the reality is that homes are listed for sale on a Thursday and are under contract the following Tuesday, sometimes sooner. It’s hard to keep up with what is on and off the market. More so than ever, a Buyer’s Agent can help you win that dream home and you should be using them to your advantage!

Here are the top reasons why you need a Buyer’s Agent on your side 


Buyer’s Agents are a free service to the buyer

  Buyer’s Agents are paid on commission when a home sale closes; and they are paid by the seller, not the buyer. Buyer’s Agents provide a free service to the buyer and are highly motivated to do an exceptional job. 

Additionally, many buyers think working directly with the Listing Agent provides them a cost benefit or competitive advantage. However, Listing Agents work for the seller, not the buyer. If the buyer tries to hire the Listing Agent, this causes a dual agency; meaning the seller and buyer are represented by the same agent. In most cases, Listing Agents will not put themselves in a position of dual agency to protect themselves and their relationship with the seller, and to ensure that no conflict of interest arises during the sale. To add to that, the full commission is still paid-out by the seller; whether it goes fully to the Listing Agent or is split between the Listing Agent and the Buyer’s Agent. Bottom line: Working directly with the Listing Agent results in no real benefits to you, the buyer.

Buyer’s Agents are your advocate (and provide you a competitive advantage)

  Buyer’s Agents have a responsibility to advocate for you, the buyer. You need a skilled negotiator that can advocate for your best interest in a hot market. A Buyer’s Agent can help negotiate better terms, price, and ask the right questions to make sure your home purchase is as stress-free as possible. They will also make sure that you understand the full home buying process and will set you up for success when you are ready to make an offer on a home. 

And get this…Listing Agent’s actually like working with Buyer’s Agents. It’s true. Home buyers working with a Buyer’s Agent have a better chance of having their offer accepted by the seller. This is because the Listing Agent and seller will take comfort in knowing the buyer has been guided through the home buying process and all it entails, unlike an unrepresented buyer. 

 Buyer’s Agents are your Market Experts

Let’s be honest, there are few homes to choose from and houses sell fast! Your Buyer’s Agent can guide you through the best strategy to purchase your home. Buyer’s Agents will have a good understanding of the home you would like to purchase. They are constantly aware of what may be coming onto the market soon, what has just been listed, and what is no longer available. After all, it is their job to know this type of information.

Your Buyer’s Agent is also able to set-up a home search with your specific criteria which will alert you of new homes just listed, helping to make your home search stress-free. 


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